From today Delhi ‘Metro’ is all set to resume Red, Violet, and Green lines.


From today Delhi ‘Metro’ is all set to resume Red, Violet, and Green lines. After a pause of five months due to the pandemic, Delhi Metro is all set to resume its services from Thursday. From today Red, Violet, and Green lines are all set to start for commuters.


Delhi Metro closed its services from march 22 and after five months Delhi metro all set to consume its services. Delhi metro doors are open for commuters from Monday as the yellow line has started already and Wednesday the blue and pink line also started. From today Red, green and violet services are open.


As per the situation, the yellow line and rapid metro were restricted to only operational service for a few hours.  Trains are running in two shifts from 7-11 AM and 4-8 PM. On Wednesday, both pink and blue were scheduled according to the same restrictions. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued guidelines in which rail metro will resume the services in a graded manner.


The metro rail service will be resumed in three stages from September 7 to September 12 as per the orders. Total ridership was nearly approx 53,400 on Wednesday as services are resumed on multiple times ( yellow, pink, and blue lines).


The trips will subsequently increase as operational services will proper start from September 12 as other lines will also open by the time.


On the official page of the Delhi metro, you will get the full information regarding trains and which gate will be open or exit for passengers and all necessary details will be mentioned on the website.


The government has applied the people to go for the metro only if it’s urgent as the entire Delhi metro will start working from September 12. People requested to maintain social distancing and guidelines during traveling. Also, its mandatory to wear of face-mask for the safety measures.









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